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I write a lot of pieces that are critical of political Parties, primarily the Coalition Parties, but also various decisions and factional elements within the Labor Party, my own Party. To a vastly lesser degree I occasionally write an article critical of the Greens.

A couple of weeks ago however I wrote one such article on the Greens in NSW, who were voting against the prospect of Leichardt Council even looking into offering a helping hand to Syrian refugees. It was an exercise in political gameplay gone mad, and it undoubtedly resulted in damage being done to the Greens in the state and across the country.

Today I wanted to congratulate the Greens as they have had a change of heart on this issue. The Leichardt Greens are now agreeing to follow Labor’s lead in the area and back the Labor Councillors motion to look into offering temporary accommodation to refugee families as they settle into their new surroundings in a foreign city.

As a result the motion has now passed through Leichardt Council.

I’m not sure what brought on this backflip by the Greens as it could have been many things. Shame, embarrassment, exposure, pressure from above, factional fallout, or maybe a combination of all these things caused common sense to finally kick in. Whatever it is, I’d like to congratulate the Greens for doing the right thing in the end.

The motion was to look at the possibility of gaining funding from the Federal and State governments to refurbish a section of the Callan Park psychiatric hospital facility to accommodate these refugees temporarily.

After supporting the motion initially, the Greens at the 11th hour added some conditions to their support in the manner of amendments, some of which belonged in a political comedy, probably slapstick.

This time however the Greens do not require a slogan for their support, a slogan to be hung up on a banner in the centre of town.

Nor do they require that Shorten and Turnbull hold hands and lead a team called the “Callan Park Taskforce” across the world creating peace in areas of conflict singing Kum Ba Yah.

greens copy

Whilst many shook their heads in dismay at the Greens original decision on this matter, it was the reaction of Greens members and supporters to those who reported on this that alarmed many.

Green supporters adamant that their Party could do no wrong hit the comments pages on media and blog sites with all manner of ill-conceived attacks.

Attacks on both myself and my article on my Wixxyleaks page and on the Independent Australia page shone a light on what many see as the typical Greens supporter, full of venom yet holding none of the facts.

It is these kind of supporters and members that ensure that the Greens will always be a party of protest rather than a party of power. These people go online wearing their hostile hat and abuse people online and calling any questioning of the Party as “Greens Bashing”.

If questioning or criticising the Party is something that requires punishment and berating, then what is the ultimate goal? A dictatorship? They always work so well.

The Callan Park facility is a historic building that sits on Sydney Harbour, right next to public transport and in a suburb on the city centres doorstep. If you wanted to do up a historic building and impress new arrivals to the country with the harbour, access to city centre and a vibrant community, you’d be hard pushed to find a better location anywhere.

Nevertheless, Greens supporters thought that the best defence of their political heroes was to try to smear the Callan Park location. It was referred to as a ‘nuthouse’, a ‘loony bin’, an ‘insane asylum’ and the most common description was that of a ‘hell hole’. Implications that people granted asylum were going to be slumming it in a form of prison with crazy people.

Whilst true that the facility was built to house the insane back in the 1800’s, and some sections are still used for psychiatric care, it is a huge complex and refugee arrivals would not be sharing accommodation with patients, far less slumming it. Some sections are currently used as an arts centre.

Anyone who understands the history of mental health care in Sydney knows that the early psychiatric facilities were all waterfront. The reason for this was to protect public safety by not transporting patients and prisoners by road, they were moved via barges, hence the waterfront locations at places like Callan Park, as well as other facilities such as Parramatta and Gladesville. Those who know this also know what fantastic structures these facilities are.

One of Callan Parks fantastic structures

One of Callan Parks fantastic structures

Those Greens supporters who were implying that these buildings are not fit for human inhabitants not only insult those with mental disabilities, but also highlight what is either their own ignorance or willingness to lie.

One such commenter even offered an alternative headline, as they were so offended by the accuracy of Independent Australia’s headline on the article. The commenter suggested;

“Leichhardt Council Greens vote down proposal to put refugees in ex loony bin ghetto accommodation.”

So does that commenter whom I won’t name think we should use that headline for this piece and replace the word “down” with the word “for” now? Now that the Greens have gone back to backing the motion again I’m sure the description would be more palatial and less ghetto.

The waterfront in one section of Callan Park - That's Sydney Harbour not the River Styxx

The waterfront in one section of Callan Park – That’s Sydney Harbour not to be confused with the River Styx

Another line of attack from the Greens supporters was that the motion was going to see refugees shoved “out of sight out of mind”, and referred to them as destined to become virtual prisoners. The basis of this argument is that the refugees coming would be free and should be able to live wherever they choose.

Coming down from Cloud 9, those who live on planet earth understand that these Syrian refugees are not arriving with a property guide in one hand and a million bucks in the other. It is obvious that these people who have recently left a refugee camp are going to need temporary accommodation and time to adjust, to deny them this is to cast them out into the street.

Whatever it was that finally dragged the local Greens over the line changing their policy from Turning Back The Refugees, to offering and helping hand, I for one am glad for it.

When it comes to greeting refugees fleeing hardship we should be united in our welcome.

Make no mistake I am not saying that the Labor Party are in any way leading the charge in regards to people seeking asylum, far from it.

However if the Greens want to know who the real enemy is, in this case they need not look towards Labor, they could start looking at some of their own vitriolic supporters.

Labor wouldn’t have them.

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9 thoughts on “In The Ghetto – Greens Backflip On Refugee Rejection In Sydney

  1. Your depiction of Greens supporters in general is spot on Wixxy.
    Whereas Labor supporters accept a certain amount of critique from their peers,this is not so of Greens.
    So here`s some basic facts concerning the recent Nth Sydney by-election

    ZIMMERMAN, Trent Liberal 35,829 48.22 -12.82
    It can be seen that the Liberal vote fell 12.82%

    CHESTERFIELD-EVANS, Arthur The Greens 11,637 15.66 +0.31
    Here it can be seen that the Greens vote went up .31%

    Now there was no ALP candidate and 12.51% of the vote going against the Liberals did not go to Greens
    Why is that Wixxy?
    My theory is Relevance Issue saturation because they received 8.3% of the Federal vote in 2013 and this may be their saturation point

    No one is fooled as they try to also make a relevance issue with unions believing they`ll attract them

  2. Callan Park does seem preferable to Manus or Nauru. Visited Broadmeadows recently, nothing good to say about the way WE treat people there either. The problem is US

  3. Fascinating stuff! DELIGHTED to see that the Tree Huggers have seen some sense in this matter,,, but they just MIGHT like to know (and lots would not know this)..but the Sydney Conservatorium of Music was considering this site back around 1987…I I worked there! Finally,..State AND Fedl funding came to the rescue and the historic “Greenway Building”-(orig the Stables for Govt House )..was refurbished.
    SO! if those wonderful buildings were going to be deemed good enough to play Mozart, et al…in….theyre going to be JUST WONDERFUL FOR OUR REFUGEES!

  4. The Greens’ trolls came out of hiding when I tweeted this article Peter. Accusing me of saying things I never said as well as yourself. & proving once & for all their complete inability to tolerate any apparent criticism of their saintly Greens. Decided to mute their stupidity. They have now moved on to claiming Labor is a branch of the Libs for goodness sake They seem to have lost all power of rational thinking in their fanaticism . Vitriol will come next.

  5. Peter, as one who commented here and also felt the babs of the Greenie grinchs on Independent Australia , when the Greenies did their big backflip, triple twist with pike , I posted the article from Leichardt Council on IA with the challenge for the most rabid and vocal Greens, who had attacked and slurred both you and the editor of IA David Donovan with their nonsense, to a challenge

    Red Ned • 4 days ago
    Attention Marilyn, Lyn Paul and the occasional others
    Comrades, Question : When does a BAD idea become a good idea in just days
    answer : when it is a Greenie caucus meeting
    I guess you will be all on here apologising to Peter Wicks and David Donovan …………………waiting
    Now Callan Park is a goer”

    To date there have been no takers .

    Keep up the bloody fine work Peter

  6. Bighead1883 on December 13, 2015 .
    I hadn’t bothered taking too close a look at the North Sydney results until I read your comment , and had to check for myself that the Greenies did indeed have such a p*ss poor result
    Lo and behold 00.31 % , and in the useless former Treasurer Joe Hockeys seat .
    It seems every man and his dog dog a bit of a swing, even old Freddie Niles mob .+1.52

    From the Greens increase 00.31%
    It appears more people would rather go over to a ride on a Bullet train
    {Bullet Train For Australia +1.24% }
    or even bloody cark it ,
    Voluntary Euthanasia Party +1.07%
    given the voting increases

  7. Cheers Ned, will do mate

    Funny thing is, if it weren’t for the abuse I wouldn’t have bothered covering the backflip… All their nonsense only ended up with another article on the subject

  8. Red Ned on December 13, 2015
    Cheers RedNed and I slipped over to AIMN [Vic Rolls.. piece] and served the Greens a hot Burrito there as well
    I gave up IA long ago because of Greens crying/affiliation

  9. Ridiculous idea that should have never even been proposed. Whilst young people with disabilities languish in old aged facilities with our Government saying there is no money to house them elsewhere there is all of a sudden enough money to roll out the red carpet for refugees and house them in a waterfront property. There has been no consultation with the residents of the area and there has been an abuse of power by members on Council to push their own political agendas.

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