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A long time ago I had a mate at work that we all called Curly, I can’t even remember his real name. We called him Curly, not because had had curly hair, but because he had none, in fact he was a skinhead. It was the same logic we use when we call someone Shorty who is clearly someone who is so tall they duck when going through doorways.

I wonder if this is the same logic that Simone Dines used when she called her dog rescue enterprise “Off The Chain Rescue”.

Before I delve into Simone Dines and her activities, here’s some background on how she came to my attention.

A few weeks ago in a little place called Blind Bight near Cranbourne in Victoria residents bunkered down in fear as a madman let loose with a shotgunThe madman was screaming abuse at neighbours and firing at their houses with a shotgun, one woman with a young child was reportedly deeply traumatised.

In the end helicopters were called in, streets were cordoned off, residents were advised to stay indoors and eventually the madman was arrested. How nobody was injured or even killed was nothing short of a miracle.

The madman, whose name is Troy Scoble was arrested on site and released later after reportedly cooperating with police, although investigations are continuing.

Why Troy was released back into the community he shot up is rather bewildering and I wonder if his name had been Mohammed or Abdul if he would have beeen released so soon after going mad with firearms in a community?

So what was the cause of this madness?

Troy had a few dogs on the property he lived on with his parents, well quite a few in fact. Troy has had issues with several councils over the years regarding his tendency to procure and hold large numbers of unregistered dogs. These dogs were all dogs of breeds used for hunting, Staffie crosses, American Bull Dogs and Staghounds. Of these dogs it is unclear how many were Troy’s as many were unregistered and had no micro-chips, but there were approximately 40 dogs on the property.

These dogs were held next to the house and several in a clearing in bushland several hundred metres from the house.

Some of the dogs chained in bushland Image - Oscars Law

Some of the dogs chained in bushland
Image – Oscars Law

On the 15th of May the property was raided by the RSPCA, Police and Council. When first questioned by the RSPCA Troy denied knowledge of the dogs in the bushland, despite being shown photographs of several dogs, however after the raid his memory appeared to have been jolted suddenly. This sudden jolt came about however after authorities had left the house and the realisation that someone had been taking photographs of the dogs under his care. Blaming the neighbours out came the shotgun and the aforementioned siege ensued.

However, unfortunately for Troy it was not his neighbours that had been providing RSPCA with photographs it was animal advocates organisation Oscars Law.

Acting on a tip off Oscars Law activists investigated a report of dogs that were chained up in bushland. What they found left them stunned.

Satellite images of the site clearly showed evidence of animals that had been chained up in a bushland clearing for a number of months as images were available  from October last year. All these images showed clearly the circular markings made by dogs on short leashes who can only walk in small circles. Activists went to the site and confirmed that approximately 15 dogs were chained up in a bushland clearing, and many more were chained up outside the house which is located about 500m from the bushland clearing.

One satellite image showing clear rings where dogs have been chained for months

One satellite image showing clear rings where dogs have been chained for months

Footage from hidden camera’s Oscars Law activists installed show the dogs are fed once a day by Troy who rocks up with food and dumps it in front of them, he does not pat them or show them any affection at all in the short time it takes to give them food. It is unclear how often their water is changed, but given the distance from a tap, and given that it would be a major hassle to transport water to the location I would assume that it is not often, the size of the water buckets and the putrid colour of the water in them indicate that a change of water is a rarity.

To indicate Troy’s disregard and contempt for both the law and the dogs, even after he had been raided by the authorities for his mistreatment and neglect of these dogs, the below picture shows the condition of the drinking water of the dogs when Oscars Law activists went to check on them over the weekend.

 More Mount Mud & Murk than Mount Franklin Image - Oscars Law

More Mount Mud & Murk than Mount Franklin
Image – Oscars Law

Troy however is not just an animal-abuser, he is the on-again off-again partner/estranged lover of Simone Dines.

Many of the dogs chained up on the property are micro-chipped under the name “American Bulldog Rescue & Referral Australia”, a rescue group which Dines previously ran. American Bulldog Rescue closed down not long after a huge backlash against the group when it was discovered that someone from the group had shot one of the dogs in the head.

photo 2

Now Dines runs the rescue group “Off The Chain Rescue – Bull Breeds” while the dogs she claims to have rescued previously live 24 hours a day on chains. Dines also labels herself as a dog trainer, although her label and high hopes don’t count as qualifications which are something she appears to lack.

Dines even has a donation tab on her unregistered “Off The Chain Rescue” group Facebook page where you can donate funds via PayPal into her own personal bank account. These donated funds Dines claims go towards looking after the dogs, and who knows, may have even paid for the chains her estranged lover keeps the dogs permanently chained with.

Not only that Dines, is also a registered breeder with Dogs Victoria, something which is surely another proud feather in the cap of the industry body which appears to be boosting its membership with puppy factories. Dines runs Simmicor Kennels and I wonder if donations to “Off The Chain Rescue” help her out to run that business, when not funding chains for Troy. Simone also runs another breeding business called Rain Storm Cane Corso’s.

Simone Dines with another victim? Image - Facebook

Simone Dines with another victim?
Image – Facebook

Dines was notified by Oscar’s Law of her dogs being chained up in the bush weeks ago, and several attempts have been made by Oscar’s Law, the RSPCA, and other rescue groups to organise for the surrender of these dogs, however Dines has refused to cooperate. 

I contacted Dines to hear her side of the story, and was greeted with threats of legal action and abuse. Dines spoke furiously of how nobody had offered to help poor Troy with the dogs. When I suggested that perhaps the way to seek assistance from neighbours was not to shoot at their houses with a shotgun, her response was

“That’s how we do it on a farm”

Not once did she display any concern or sympathy for the dogs during our discussion. In fact it is safe to say she was wearing her “Troy Rescue” hat rather than any “Dog Rescue” hat when I spoke with her.

Despite her recent attempts to do something or say anything constructive, Dines once offered this sound advice to her followers on Facebook.

photo 1

Troy Scoble has been charged by Casey Shire Council with numerous offences and I understand police investigation into his shotgun rampage are ongoing.

Meanwhile Simone Dines continues to take donations on her woefully misnamed “Off The Chain Rescue” Facebook page. Simone Dines also continues to run her Simmicor Kennels breeding business, and she also goes to KCC Park at the State Dog Centre to act as a steward for Dogs Victoria.

Oh to be "Off The Chain" Image - Oscars Law

Oh to be “Off The Chain”
Image – Oscars Law

I hope that the Tax Department and Consumer Affairs look into the public donations being made to an unregistered rescue group with a personal bank account. I hope that Bass Coast Council take a closer look at the conditions dogs on Dine’s property are living in. I hope that police and Casey Council leave no stone unturned when investigating and prosecuting Troy Scoble.

Simone’s Facebook page before she closed it down had references to he receiving Centrelink payments. I hope that someone takes a look at any welfare she receives, as someone who runs two breeding businesses, accepts donations, and I’m told also earns money as a trainer probably needs to be looked into.

Not only that, I hope Dogs Victoria come to their senses and deregister Dines as a breeder and I would implore them to also not allow her to steward on their behalf or have any connection to Dogs Victoria or the Kennel Club whatsoever. 

Most of all though, given Simone and Troy refuse to do the right thing and have thus far failed to comply with directives such as clean water supply, I hope the RSPCA can seize these dogs which are at present still chained up in the bush.

This would be a good start.


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  1. Hi Marilyn, there are many organisation with “Off The Chain” as their name, however they are unrelated to Simone Dines.

    I imagine they had chosen their name long before Simone poisoned it

  2. i cry knowing these dogs are still in this situation

  3. 34 dogs.
    shes not a puppy factory
    and that black corso isn’t another victim its her dog.
    i’m sure if he has the money to feed 34 dogs every day he could fund his own chains.

  4. Is she still able to have a dog business , and how to we protect these dogs from her ?so sad for the dogs

  5. I have never said she was a puppy factory owner…
    and we don’t know where all his money comes from

  6. She wont release the dogs because the cow is keeping them for breeding purposes in her eyes its all about the $$ not the welfaire of the dogs.

  7. If we are talking about the same group, the current founder of the rescue as she claims is disgustingly rude and is in coohoots with another page that claims to be “saving” dogs from interstate pounds.

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