Earlier this week reports went out that Israel’s Health Minister Yaakov Litzman has been diagnosed with Covid-19.

Many of the reports, including some in Australia, were pulled down as they focused on commentary that Litzman is alleged to have made regarding Covid-19 being some kind of divine punishment for homosexuality. Previous reporting of his statements were not an issue until he was diagnosed with Covid-19 at which point his legal team seemed to put in the extra hours to ensure all the articles were taken down.

One of the few remaining online had this disclaimer at the bottom of it, and previously had the below image accompanying it.

“CORRECTION: An earlier version of this article referenced reports regarding Yaakov Litzman blaming the coronavirus pandemic on homosexuality. The validity of this attribution is in dispute, and out of an abundance of caution that element of the story has been removed.”

Litzman denies this claim

I don’t know if Litzman made these statements about divine intervention and frankly I don’t care, he has a history of opposing the rights of the LGBTI community

Litzman is a follower of the Ger Hasidic dynasty which means he is beyond ultra-orthodox, more akin to ultra-orthodox on crack. He is also the head of Agudat Yisrael, which is part of the United Torah Judaism alliance. This alliance is a rag-tag Coalition of far-right nutjobs in the Israeli parliament that support Benjamin Netanyahu as he desperately clings to power by the tips of his fingernails.

Litzman has been the support behind Malka Leifer as she fights to remain in Israel.

Leifer is, of course, the former principal of the Addas Israel school in Elsternwick who Australia is seeking to have extradited to face 74 charges of sexual abuse and rape of children at the girl’s school.

Leifer also apparently suffers from a rare disease which means it is dangerous for her to fly based on the direction of travel. She’s OK to be hustled off by her ultra-orthodox cult in the dead of night to avoid arrest and fly to Israel, that’s all good. But when it comes to flying the opposite direction to come back then this sudden rare illness makes it dangerous.

There have been numerous allegations of Litzman using his influence to ensure Leifer is not extradited. If these allegations are true and his support of Netanyahu is reliant upon Leifer not facing the abuse and rape charges then I guess that means Israel has a government that is only held together by the will of an alleged paedophile and a religious crackpot.

One thing that is undeniable is that Litzman has been extremely supportive of alleged child rapist Leifer, which given his stance on the LGBTI community sends mixed messages.

Malka Leifer – Image YNet News.com

Leifer’s charges relate to 74 allegations of abuse against schoolgirls. He has now started to earn himself a reputation as the go-to guy for paedophiles seeking support, a bit like Gerard Henderson in Australia.

Malcolm Turnbull and Daniel Andrews have both made representations to the Israeli government to have Leifer’s extradition pushed along, recently Israel’s President visited Australia and gave assurances that he’d follow it up. The pleas of a Prime Minister and a Premier fell on deaf ears and the hollow words of Israel’s President have amounted to jack shit.

I wanted to write this piece so that something remained online that painted the grim picture of the grim human that Yaakov Litzman is and why so many people around the world are suddenly believing in Karma.

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  1. Bravo, Peter. I was going to comment further, but I think your words say it all.

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