Hi Noah,

It is with regret I write an open letter to you today regarding the behaviour of one of your members and current member of State Parliament.

As a member of NSW Labor it has been a tough time in our state with the seemingly constant parade of members being brought before ICAC to give evidence. However it is also widely recognised that for the Party to move forward in this state we need to weed out corrupt individuals and put an end to any corrupt practices that may bring the Party into disrepute.

I believe that as a Party in NSW we have come to the realisation too late that these things do not go away by themselves and by the time the decision had been made to suspend the membership or expel the members involved the horse had well and truly bolted.

It is with this in mind I wished to bring the actions of Kaye Darveniza to your attention.

Darveniza as you may be aware has written an opinion piece in The Australian published 24th October 2013 entitled

“Please Tony, clean up the unions for the sake of members”

While it seems like the act of a turncoat to plead to the Liberal leader to hurry up with the threatened inquiry into unions that will be designed to damage The Labor Party’s funding model, that is not my primary concern nor is her insistence on throwing Stephen Conroy under her imaginary bus.

I should point out that The Australian has not disclosed any of the information below to its readers, despite Darveniza being financially involved in what her piece was on, and her husbands involvement in two legal cases involving the union she writes on, the Health Services Union.

I would have thought The Australian was legally and  morally obliged to disclose these as they display bias, but alas we have another shining example of The Australian “Murdoching The Truth”.

Darveniza as you would be aware is the wife of Rob Elliott also formerly of the Health Services Union which her article is on.

What she doesn’t mention in her piece is how she is involved in the whole sordid mess that is the HSU saga, nor does she even acknowledge her husbands involvement.

Darveniza is a close friend of Kathy Jackson, who is currently under investigation by the Victorian Fraud squad for allegations of defrauding union members of hundreds of thousands of dollars. Darveniza has herself benefitted financially from actions that are alleged to be corrupt in their nature.

Kath and Kaye with friends

Kath and Kaye with friends

Of major concern is the contract that was entered into by Darveniza’s husband Elliott, that was signed off on by Kathy Jackson and Michael Williamson. A link to the contract is below, and I have attached a copy for your convenience.

Rob Elliott Contract

This contract has seen Darveniza financially benefit as her husband brings in $2,000 a day of union members funds for doing nothing, a consultant by title only.

Currently Elliott is taking legal action against the union for ceasing to pay him for doing nothing, and the union is currently taking action against Kathy Jackson and Michael Williamson for entering into such a contract. Below is a link to a post I wrote on the contract on June 8th last year.


Darveniza is even involved to the point where she allegedly authored a Kathy Jackson media release whilst the taxpayer was paying for her time and the office and equipment where it was authored.

After the media release was sent out by Kathy Jackson it was noticed in the documents properties that it had in fact been authored by Darveniza. Andrew Crook from Crikey approached Darveniza on the matter and she initially denied it came from her or her office, after Crook pointed out the documents properties she refused to comment.

Some have suggested that Elliott may have been given access to government property and authored the article himself. If this were true it would have given him access to the government computer network and no doubt confidential government material.

Kaye Darveniza

Kaye Darveniza

Darveniza’s husband is also the author of a leaked email to Kathy Jackson, attached and linked below, that has references to narcotics and shines a light on the behind the scenes factional goings on.

Rob Elliott email to Kathy Jackson

If there is an investigation to be done into the HSU, now that Michael Williamson is facing sentencing it should start with Darveniza’s mate Kathy Jackson and Darveniza’s husbands contract.

Darveniza you may remember has also had a history of being in the spotlight for dubious actions after her claiming approximately $20,000 in questionable allowances saw her dubbed a “Phantom Minister” when the Herald Sun looked into the matter.

My suggestion is that Darveniza and her connections to this matter are investigated by the Party and her membership re-assessed again based on the outcome of those investigations.

If the allegations regarding Darveniza and her husband Elliott are indeed true then it would seem that they are the type we have been trying to weed out in NSW as we are sick of having to apologise for their behavior later.

I hope that you decide to lead the way on this matter, not be dragged into it at a later date.

Yours Sincerely

Peter Wicks


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9 thoughts on “Dear Noah – An open letter to Victorian Labor State Secretary Noah Carroll

  1. … another fantastic suggestion to the ALP Peter … the ALP does not deserve such committed, thoughtful and caring members … as evidenced by their on field performance (is Steven Dank an ALP member??? … either way, maybe he could help improve their lacklustre efforts).

    to effectively weed the ALP you will need more RoundUp than sprays about the room in Barnaby’s wet dreams (sorry for the ugly image … still cringing myself) … i would suggest you seek advice from Monsanto (however, i’m pretty certain Monsanto would have Lib/Nat sympathies).

    one point:
    “I would have thought The Australian was legally and morally obliged to disclose these as they display bias, but alas we have another shining example of The Australian “Murdoching The Truth”.”

    legally … perhaps – not that our toothless, spineless and gutless regulators will do anything … ever … plenty of precedent for inaction there (much of which you have dutifully documented to date – thx).

    legally and morally … their primary obligation is to the shareholders and stakeholders.

    morally … it’s the mainstream media Peter … since when did morals have anything to do with it? … just sell those papers, attract the viewers with whatever it takes … truth or lies … it doesn’t matter.

    have a great weekend and keep the goodies coming …

  2. Onya Pete great work unfortunately it will probably go nowhere. The labor party need a decent clean out, too many have abused the luxury of being in such positions. I feel Jackson will get indemnity or at least claim depression / insanity. I would not be surprised if she has even been coached or influenced to go down this path as it seem our so called justice system are quite sympathetic towards these symptoms. Let everyone know it you get a reply, I think it will take quite a while. It will be interesting to see if the labor party will remove this person and the time it will take. What shits me the most is Fairfax and every other dog has gone after Thomson and yet they have left the main players alone. I raised this issue in the comments section in the SMH but as usual it never gets posted as it highlight the ineptness of the so called Wankley winner. The same goes for Obeid, there are so many liberal tentacles associated with obeid and yet we hear crickets.

  3. Good onya Peter,
    There are enough {LNP} rats out there to fight.
    We can do without rats in the ranks of the ALP
    You are doing a fantastic job Wixxy, keep it going mate.
    Onward and upward

  4. now to get the Vic Labor party to act before they get into election mode. When KJ finally gets charged by Vic police, I wld rather Abbott be tarnished than any 1 from Vic labor

  5. Abbott is tarnished already. It’s only needed to stop the cover up. Currently He is protected. Can’t last.

  6. Thankyou for this Peter – to ordinary members the whole HSU corruption by these individuals is inexcusable, morally and ethically bankrupt, more-so when the valued union fees of the most low-paid of workers is involved.
    For me, that these women are involved and benefiting from the exploitation of many women comrades pushing the brooms and mops, wiping people’s bums….this is not about restoring faith religiously – to threaten the Parliamentary institutional influence of the Unions and all they have fought for since the 1890’s.
    It gives the Tories like the Newman Government in Queensland the pathway to dismantling the financial abilities of the Union to protect the workers from the excesses of capitalism.
    It really is damning – and Labor people have to clean up the mess and make it stronger and better, more transparent.
    I’m not a Union member because nobody will give me a job – big story, but as a reader of working-class history and pedigree I’d be expelling anybody automatically on these acts.

  7. We are looking at a full on attack on unions by the Lie NP. There is nothing illegal or wrong about being a member of an organisation that represents your interests collectively. It’s enshrined in the UN charter. The “other side” have their bodies to empower them Like the BCA IPA VACC etc so the whole thing is hypocritical. It’s a class war but the other way around to the assertions of Sloppy Joe ‘SHockey..

  8. Hey Peter – what’s going on at IA? I thought they were to be back on air on Monday.
    Cheers, Granny

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