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Malcolm Turnbull cannot sack Peter Dutton.

I say that not because he deserves his role as Immigration Minister and not because he is showing any competence in his portfolio, I say it because it is a political reality.

Dutton was re-appointed to his role by Turnbull just weeks ago after a cabinet reshuffle. While removing Dutton may be the right thing to do, and would be welcomed by virtually all, it would be a disaster politically.

If Dutton is removed from his portfolio after a year, it looks like he screwed up, if he is removed from his portfolio after a few weeks, it looks like a Turnbull screwed up in re-appointing him to the position.

And screwing up is something in choosing his cabinet, Turnbull is doing in spectacular fashion. Perhaps the most spectacular screw up since Godwin Grech and the utegate scandal. Since utegate Turnbull has learnt a lot about delivery, but clearly little about anything else.

His cabinet includes Arthur Sinodinos who is still in a cloud of doubt over ICAC revelations in NSW, and Mal Brough who is currently under police investigation for his role in the Ashbygate scandal. Turnbull makes his Captains Picks.

Now we have Peter Dutton as Immigration Minister, a position that carries with it the weight of responsibility for the lives of real people fleeing desperate circumstances. Who better to look after this portfolio than the man who turned his prior Health portfolio into an utter dogs breakfast of chaos and catastrophe crunch?

Clearly the Coalition talent pool is devoid of water and has nothing in it but a strange brown sludge and a dead and bloated toad laying on its side.

Dutton or a dead toad? Maybe Malcolm should have taken the toad Image - Fairfax

Dutton or a dead toad? Maybe Malcolm should have taken the toad
Image – Fairfax

Over the last few weeks we have seen how Turnbull’s chosen Immigration Minister Peter Dutton deals with problems in his portfolio through the horrific and gut-wrenching story of a Somalian asylum seeker referred to as Abyan, a story that played out before us in all of its savagery.

Abyan, whose only crime was the desire for a better life, was the victim of a horrific rape. This violent crime happened in the detention centre at Nauru which is under Peter Dutton’s control. Abyan is an asylum seeker who in a quest for a better life, instead wound up in detention experiencing the sour taste of Australia’s indifference towards her.

Abyan came to the publics attention after her lawyer tired of waiting for a response to an urgent plea for both help and mercy from his client to the Australian government. Abyan had been left pregnant, terrified and desperate after the rape. Her physical and emotional pain exaggerated by the knowledge that if she carried her child full term she was to have a living, breathing, lifetime reminder of her horrific ordeal. Rather than spending most of her life raising her rapists child, she was seeking an abortion, however given as that was impossible in Nauru , she was going to need the assistance of the Australian government that were holding her captive.

When the Turnbull government failed to respond, her lawyer thought they’d see if leaking the story to the press would prompt a response.

It did.

There was an almost immediate outpouring of grief around the country for this poor woman who had been made a victim and then ignored by our government. The public cries for the government to fly Abyan to Australia to enable her to have an abortion were almost deafening. Considering a large number of the Coalition caucus are anti-choice this must have been a contentious issue.

Not the better life Abyan would have hoped for Image - The Hoopla

Not the better life Abyan would have hoped for
Image – The Hoopla

The good news however was that Abyan was to be bundled into a plane and brought to Australia for a stay in an onshore detention centre and an abortion, not exactly the regular tourist trail.
Upon arrival to Australia Abyan who must have been feeling more than nauseous from the emotional roller coaster ride she had been forced to suffer was grateful to all.

I’m not going to speculate as to what sort of hideous persuasion or threats the emotionally and physically scarred Abyan was subjected to in order to illicit a thanks from her to the government that had willingly exploited her suffering, but she did thank the government.

However that gratitude was short-lived.

Like some sort of CIA extraordinary rendition, a military aircraft was sought by the government, Abyan was once again bundled on and in a no doubt distraught state, flown back to the scene of the crime. No teary goodbye, no termination, and certainly no compassion or care.

It was reported that Abyan had sought counselling prior to the termination, something that is normal for anyone having this procedure, let alone a rape victim who is a prisoner in a strange callous country. Reports claim that Abyan was refused access to a counsellor and would not go through with the termination as a result of that unimaginable decision.

Twitter went into meltdown and most were left in a state that went beyond outrage, a kind of shock that we now had a government capable of such vicious cruelty.

In his wisdom Peter Dutton put out a media release explaining the Turnbull governments position seen below.

Dutton media statement

Dutton talks of misleading statements without actually explaining what they are. He then states that the woman refused the termination and was put on a chartered flight back to Nauru.

He then talks of fabricated comments without saying what they are. He then talks of those using this poor woman’s circumstances to promote their own political agenda, saying they should be ashamed, a valid point. Dutton then takes the opportunity using the Abyan case to promote the Coalitions political agenda re anyone coming to Australia by boat.

I wonder if this left him ashamed?

As I was about to post this, the Somali refugee has allegedly spoken out accusing Peter Dutton of lying.

My opinion is that Turnbull and Dutton bowed to public pressure, and wishing to appear as if they had hearts flew the distraught Abyan over to have the issue resolved. My opinion is however, that once here the extreme right of his Party, who are anti-abortion, may have said “provide an abortion over our dead bodies” forcing Turnbull to back down or face a civil war in his own Party. This would have left Dutton fumbling for any lame excuse to imply that she had refused the procedure.

This leaves me wondering, who is really running the country? Cory Bernardi?

This whole incredibly cruel and sordid episode which will have no doubt destroyed the lives of Abyan and her family will end up a mere blip on the CV of Peter Dutton as we have a Prime Minister who is not man enough to admit his mistake in appointing such an inept Minister and correcting it.

Better to let Abyan suffer what must be the most soul-destroying misery and torment for the rest of her life than for Turnbull to face a days embarrassment whilst on the honeymoon period of his stolen Prime Ministership.

Abyan must feel as if she has been raped all over again.

Just think, we thought things were bad under the leadership of Tony Abbott and Scott Morrison.

How little we knew…

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15 thoughts on “Cruel Intentions – Why Won’t Turnbull Sack Peter Dutton?

  1. And just think, two ALP women devised this evil policy of no accountability, human rights, legal rights or any rights at all to get around the high court daring to tell them their human trade with Malaysia was illegal.

    it was Gillard and Roxon who gave Dutton absolute power of life and death over his prisoners.

  2. You’re forgetting it was done with Bob Browns signature on his agreement not to block supply of legislation such as this

  3. Turnbull is no better than Abbott,it was said that Abbott was willing to sell a part of his anatomy to become PM . and Turnbull has sold his soul to become PM same ship different captain ,
    he can stand there and rave on saying nothing as if he is reciting poetery,He is a wolf e in sheeps clothing ,and like with Abbott it will only be the rich that will benefit from Turnbull.

  4. Mal Brough who is currently under police investigation for his role in the Ashbygate scandal.

    Just think about it Peter, are the cops that inept that it’s taken how long to date to bring about a charge?

    Brough just last week stated he was not under investigation and I’m inclined to agree with him based on personal experience of police habits which transcends borders.

    I wrote a complaint to the Police Commissioner after 3 months I wrote asking of the progress of the complaint, I received a reply saying it was under QPS consideration, 8 months later I wrote again about the progress and finally got a corrupt twaddle of a reply of no evidence to support my complaint.

    all the cops had to figure out and which they could have done in 5 minutes was to determine was if a public servant was illegally obtaining a benefit for another person.

    And when there is a cover up on, one has to keep asking the cops of the progress and the cops in turn hope by dropping the complaint in the bottom draw that you either forget about the complaint and that you may drop dead in the meantime so that they can bin the complaint..

    If the cops after all this time can’t bring a charge against Brough, they are either inept or are acting corruptly in trying to pervert the course of justice.

    Take your pic, they could be both


  5. Even though someone may have that power, they make the choice whether they will use it or not. Certainly it was a bad piece of legislation, but Morrison and Dutton could have chosen not to be as extremely cruel as they have been.

  6. The police confirmed to 60 Minutes that he was under investigation about 4 weeks ago, he claimed he had not been contacted by police
    Police don’t usually contact the person they are investigating until they are about to lay charges

  7. Great piece,shocking story,Dutton & Turnbull are an absolute disgrace to our Country.Please keep us informed we need the truth,we don’t get it from our Government.

  8. Police don’t usually contact the person they are investigating until they are about to lay charges.

    In this case, I say there is too much political constipation for the cops to lay anything.

  9. I’m having a stab here.

    My perception is that Slipper was charged in under 6 months of the complaint being lodged.

    The Brough complaint appears to be over 12 months ago since it was lodged.

    Could the LNP be the ‘Police Whisperers’?

  10. Some moderating out that nefarious comment of Marilyn`s would go down fine with readers Peter.

    Thank you for your take on things concerning the horrendous treatments of Abyan .

  11. Despite her anger management issues and her hatred of the only Party that has any hope of getting the numbers to do anything about the issue, Marilyn is actually I’m reliably informed, one of the countries leading experts on the history of asylum seekers

    I am always hopeful we will see that knowledge one day instead of the angry mask it hides behind

  12. Got to ask why imprisoned refugee women aren’t routinely given under skin contraceptive implants which also suppress periods for 12 months

  13. Bighead 1883 – no matter how much we dislike a comment (and I don’t object to what Marilyn said), any forum like this can only be as useful as the range of views it allows. Read and, if you disagree, have your say. The more and more diverse the merrier.

  14. Thankyou for you time to go out of your way and stick your opinion to me.
    Marilyn is totally out of context to this article and may as well have spoken Japanese whalers
    Marilyn`s hate is well known and bitter ,think woteva you like because no matter how much you spin your Greens shite,you`re cellophane

  15. Peter “the Dud” Dutton has always been vapid and hugely incompetent politician.

    He’s like a plantar wart on the foot of the Liberal party.
    Utterly useless, but painful to remove.

    Maybe one day, carefully saving up his MP salary, he might be able to afford a personality…..or at least a different facial expression.

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