I recently wrote an article regarding several dogs that had been chained up in bushland at Blind Bight near Cranbourne near Melbourne.

Since then there have been further developments. The keeper of the dogs has had his first court mention on the matter, Casey Council have laid their charges, Dogs Victoria have issued a statement, and the woman who handed the dogs over to her former lover to live out their days at the end of a chain has done her best to tiptoe past the landmines she left behind herself.

Some of Simone Dines "Off The Chain Bull Breeds" rescue dogs chained up and dumped in bushland Image - Oscars Law

Some of Simone Dines’ “Off The Chain Bull Breeds” rescue dogs chained up and dumped in bushland
Image – Oscars Law

Casey Council are one of the most animal-friendly councils in Victoria and have laid numerous charges against Troy Scoble, who went crazy with a shotgun after discovering authorities had been tipped off regarding his treatment of these long-suffering dogs. As RSPCA Victoria stated on their Facebook page;

“The City of Casey has had the foresight to turn a non-compulsory Victorian code of practice into a locally enforceable bylaw. That decision meant that they were able to lay charges, where we could not.”

Some of these charges have included;

  • Keeping excess dogs on a property without a permit and subsequently, failing to either reduce the number of the dogs kept or apply for a permit
  • Failing to provide sufficient housing
  • Tethering dogs on tethers of less than 3m
  • Using tethering as a permanent means of restraint for dogs
  • Failing to register dogs.

In the meantime the RSPCA have issued several Notices To Comply. We will wait and see whether “Mad-Gunner” Troy complies.

In a move which has caused many of its members grief and disappointment Dogs Victoria have sought to distance themselves from the matter despite the woman at the centre of the saga being a Dogs Victoria member with a prefix. Dogs Victoria issued the following statement via social media and promptly censored responses that didn’t suit their agenda.

It has come to the attention of DOGS Victoria that the RSPCA, Victorian Police and Local Council have received reports regarding the welfare of dogs on a property within the Casey Council area.
The DOGS Victoria member mentioned in the information provided is not an active member of the Association.

DOGS Victoria contacted Casey Council and has been advised of the following – the DOGS Victoria member mentioned has no case to answer and is not a person of interest in the matter. The second person involved in this matter is not a member of DOGS Victoria and therefore outside of the jurisdiction of the Association.

“Active Member”. The use of the word “active” certainly raised my eyebrows as it seemed to be trying to distance Dogs Vic from her membership.

Note Simmicor Kennels Image - Dogs Victoria

Note Simmicor Kennels
Image – Dogs Victoria

An active member is a breeder who registers puppies as purebreds through Dogs Victoria.

So what is the extent of the relationship of Simone Dines with Dogs Victoria and what does it tell us about the kind of people Dogs Victoria are happy to endorse, promote and work with?

Simone Dines as we now know left the dogs who now dwell on chains at Blind Bight with the former partner now facing court on multiple charges and with his gun siege still under investigation. It is safe to say that given Troy and Simone have been close for many years that she may have a reasonable idea of what awaited the dogs in question. Several people have made contact claiming to have made donations to help these dogs and had been assured by Simone that they had been adopted out to good homes, instead they had been handed to a former lover to chain up in the bush for months.

Simone was also happy to pose as a charity despite not being registered and taking public donations that were deposited into a personal bank account.


This is also someone who publicly defended the shooting in the head of one of the dogs in her care rather than give it an ethical death. Maybe a humane death was too expensive for Dines, although many had donated towards the dogs care unaware they were actually funding a bullet.

As mentioned Dines is a paid-up member of Dogs Victoria, but she is more than just that.

Dines is also a member of Dogs NSW, and has acted as a steward at events at KCC Park at Dogs Victoria’s head office.

NSW IMG_8200

This means while taking donations under false pretences, running two breeding businesses, and despite a lack of accreditation a dog training business, Dines was happy to allegedly take payment from Dogs Victoria for stewarding work. Not bad for someone who was also allegedly claiming Centrelink benefits.

It also didn’t escape my attention that shortly after my last article on Simone and the Blind Bight Dogs was published Dogs Victoria amended their stewards list and Simone’s name had disappeared from it. Apparently someone thought her name should not be associated with the organisation.

Good luck indeed....

Good luck indeed….

On her Little Rascals K9 Training page Dines states “Canine Behavioural Problems a specialty” which is rather alarming when you consider how she has treated the dogs of Blind Bight. Along with her contact details on the page, she also offers references. The Blind Bight dogs are the only references I need.

To give an idea of the kind of credibility her persona lends to Dogs Victoria, below is a link to an exchange on Facebook where she makes derogatory remarks regarding rescue dogs mixed with other colourful language that flies in the face of Dogs Victoria’s social media policy quoted below with prominent parts highlighted in red.

Policy statements

DOGS Victoria continually monitors activity in relation to the organisation and its members.

Dogs Victoria takes compliance with this policy seriously. Detected breaches of the policy should be reported to DOGS Victoria for investigation.

A breach of this Code may result in disciplinary action which could result in, but is not limited to, the issuing of a formal warning or suspension.

Particularly serious matters may be referred for legal opinion or to Police.



As for Dogs Victoria and their membership status of being not “Active”, I believe Simone will be seeking to be active in the next couple of weeks as she has had two dogs recently have litters. According to her social media posts she will be seeking to register 17 pups as purebreds significantly increasing their value to as much as $3,000 each.

puppies IMG_8457

Wixxyleaks has started a petition demanding Dogs Victoria and the Australian Kennel Club cancel her membership, ban her for life and refuse to register any animals connected with any business she is associated with. The petition can be found via this link.

I guess we will see if the registration and membership funds from Dines is more important to Dogs Vic and the Australian Kennel Club than their own reputation and that of their members. A reputation that is coming under question in recent times due to some to their acceptance of puppy factories as members.

1 updated

Who knows, perhaps the increased sale price from Dogs Vic pedigree papers may be planned to help in the legal costs for Simone’s silent partner Troy to fight those pesky charges for leaving dogs on short chains for months. I wonder if Dogs Victoria have inadvertently funded the defence of any other animal abusers? I guess having a government exemption from codes of practice and being able to self-regulate has its perks?

One thing is for sure, there is much yet to come on this saga.

Rest assured, I’ll keep you posted.


I have written a short piece regarding some of the myths being perpetuated by a few on this subject via social media, this can be read via this link

19 thoughts on “Break The Chain – Just who is standing up for the dogs of Blind Bight?

  1. Thanks for bringing attention to this matter Wixxy. I signed the petition and as I said there, there is a special place in hell for animal abusers, especially ones who parade as charities then abuse the animals.

  2. What a great piece of journalism. Dogs Vic always hide behind whatever they can to avoid hiving to make decisions. I personally was a member for two years, and try to get them to assist in de registering another member selling sick puppies. Although I won a VCAT action against this member, they still refused to anything and allow this breeder to still breed.

  3. Thankyou for your courage to stand up against abusers. It’s people like you that give our world hope.

  4. Thanks, Elaine.
    We owe a debt of gratitude to Oscars Law for their investigation and exposure of this tragic case

  5. Calling rescue dogs “someone else’s fuck up”
    What a charmer ……

  6. Great journalism. So scarry. My heart goes out to the dogs having such a terrible existence What an awful life. I hope the same doesn’t happen to the the dogs and baby’s she has in Her care.

  7. Evil Foul Vile Disgusting what a dirty mouth she has as well!! – why doesn’t she get a real job instead of making money from animals – pathetic excuse for a human who abuses the voiceless – lets hope she is not allowed to breed!
    She is a creator of dog behavioural problems – her own “pets” who she uses for her training are proof of that – they are aggressive guard dogs – that is the behaviour she has created and rewarded 🙁 she puts the BSL back 20 years!

  8. This woman is just taking Turnbull seriously and being innovative like Woolworths and Colgate did. Australia does lead the world in similar innovations such as describing detention centers as holiday homes. Jobs and growth

  9. Jordana on June 6, 2016
    ok it is great they have taken on her dogs which is wonderful news and great work to the rescue – but to stroke her ego publically in this post is RIDICULOUS – i know they had to stroke her ego in getting to negotiate with her which is ok and is what rescues have to do to get a positive result – but to put up this ridiculous post about the violins and poor simone???SHE KNEW WHERE THESE DOGS WERE _ SHE KNEW THEIR STATE – IN FACT SHE RETURNED ONE THERE IN APRIL AFTER SOMEONE APPARENTLY STOLE HER – to be returned to that hell hole – she is in contact with Troy – he is a regular visitor to her trashy excuse of a home – which home the dogs above who have now been surrendered lived – hopefully they can be rehabilitated to not be the aggressive guard dogs she has trained them to be – so really no danger of them being stolen unless you want to get your arm ripped off – look at the training techniques she encourages on her dog training FB page – yes these dogs are in physically good condition but I can’t even imagine the behavioural issues and how broken they are in spirit . I Also love the way Simone the Sociopath gets off on replying to that above post using her FB alias – a very very dangerous evil manipulative and cunning human

  10. Jordana agree, however the person who runs that particular “rescue group” ( I use the term loosely) is actually good friends with Simone. I believe the plan was to try and provide an opportunity for Simone to redeem herself by using two poor rescue dogs as part of their game plan, and posting their stories with a post along the lines of, “look what wonderful Simone did”
    I think they must of presumed the public would fall for their scam, however their little plan has backfired and all they’ve done is shown the lengths they will go to protect their friend, not the dogs.

  11. Active membership with Dogs Victoria is dependant upon the individual being financial. If a member is approved their breeding prefix in September 2015 and they fail to pay their membership renewal after that date; they are NOT a member of Dogs Victoria. Your demands that a member, any member, be immediately suspended are FANTASY! YOU HAVE NOT DONE YOUR RESEARCH PETER! Disappointing, at best. A cursory glance at the Rules and Regulations of the Victorian Canine Association (trading name Victoria) will quickly establish that your demands are not possible. Tread the path of the educated and get yourself informed Peter

  12. Then it is a rule that needs amending…. Surely it doesn’t take an Einstein to figure that out?

    Tread the path of common sense, I do

  13. Does anyone have any updated information on this?

  14. I am hoping to write another piece on this soon, there has been a lot going on with the election etc so I have been a bit busy

    The upshot is that Troy got a small fine and a slap on the wrist in court and the dogs are still with him

  15. This was a wonderfully written article highlighting the type of people that are out there pretending to be pro animal. They are hiding behind or within dog clubs but only involved for the money and could not give a crap about the dogs. Maybe Lulu or whatever would be alive now if she wasn’t forced to be a puppy machine. Good on casey council. More councils should take follow their lead.

  16. A pup Simone bred and placed (unknown if sold/fostered etc – allegedly a co-ownership agreement but thats only her word) with someone is being targeted for return… She has taken over the dogs public page (no word from the owner/potential victim) and is slandering this person and trying to get Cujo back. Cujo is one of her CC’s. She is claiming abuse because the dog got into something he shouldnt havee (laundry as far as i can tell- he ate some socks and underwear and got obstructed) and unfortunately the owner didnt spring into action the way Simone would have liked. Although all we have to go on is her words in which she makes herself out to be the hero and the other person to be a demonic psychopathic dog abuser. Do you have any info on this? Some of the things shes saying do not add up at all… When I ask questions and try and clarify or when anyone else comments (friends of the accused) she just shuts down commenting. No word from the potential victim on any of this. Simone has attacked her personally – they used to be friends.

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