There is little doubt that Mike Baird is the Colgate Palmolive political candidate, the big white smile and nice guy approach has certainly done him no end of favours.

However if one looks past the smile and smooth persona and looks at the actions and policies the government he represents the snappy savvy image soon looks like little more than a deceptive mask.

No matter what you may think of Magic Mike perhaps his biggest trick has been to be viewed as somehow above all of the pain and incompetence brought on by the government he has been a central part of ever since Barry O’Farrell got his bottle of Grange after winning office for the Coalition in 2011.

So I thought it may be a worthwhile exercise to look back at the government that Baird has been a central part of running.

The Mike they want us to see

The Mike they want us to see

For starters, the government that Mike Baird leads is currently in tatters after the Independent Commission Against Corruption went through it like a dose of Epsom Salts washed down with Mylanta and prune juice. With twelve Coalition MP’s forced to resign from their positions or move to the cross-bench including a sitting Premier the government Baird leads has proven itself to be perhaps the most corrupt government in the country’s history.

Unfortunately for the Labor Party the wounds left by Obeid, Tripodi and MacDonald have not healed enough for them to hold them to account to the extent they should be.

But Magic Mike is above all that corruption isn’t he?

Not at all, these corrupt MP’s were his allies, these are MP’s he socialised with, did business with, and one of whom appointed him to the position of Treasurer. In fact one of those who was dragged in before ICAC to answer questions about illegal donations being laundered through the Liberal Party National Office was none other than Mike Baird’s principal fundraiser John Caputo who was also questioned about giving cheques to Baird’s disgraced colleague Chris Hartcher despite the cheques being made out to the Liberal Party.

Along similar lines it’s hard to forget when Magic Mike refused to answer questions in parliament over donations allegedly made to his personal election campaign by a company called Eureka Capital. Soon afterward Eureka Capital was granted a multi-million dollar lucrative government contract and the company’s head Roger Massey-Green was appointed Chairman of Network NSW by the government. Below is a link to documentation regarding the donation.

Mike Baird Donations

Network NSW manages the state’s electricity distribution network, the very one that Mike Baird is seeking to sell off, privatise, lease out for 99 years or whatever you want to call the handing over of perhaps the states greatest asset to a private company.

Almost like magic, one of those who donated to Mike Baird’s 2011 election campaign in his own electorate finds himself front and centre of a proposed sell off worth billions of dollars, a sell off put on the agenda by the Baird government.

Is it just me, or does this smell fishier than John West’s overalls after a week on a trawler?

It is also interesting that the man in charge of this fundraising for Mike Baird has already been before ICAC and testified to giving Liberal Party cheques to the Chris Hartcher who was found to be corrupt and involved in laundering illegal Party donations.

I'll appoint whoever I like...

I’ll appoint whoever I like…

On another matter, Mike Baird has all the financial credibility of Freddie Mac crossed with Storm Finance.

Let’s not forget that as the states treasurer topped off delivering the first budget deficit for the state after years of Labor surpluses (even through the GFC) by losing a Billion Dollars.

Luckily for the good people of NSW there was an Auditor General who didn’t need an abacus to count and he discovered the Billion Dollars of state funds.  Auditor General Peter Achterstraat described the States finances under Baird’s control as “rough and ready” and went on to say;

“The NSW government is a billion dollar business, it is not a school tuckshop.”

Hardly a glowing endorsement.

One of the first things that Baird’s government did when they came into power was to completely dismantle the workers compensation scheme. This would leave thousands of injured workers suffering and out-of-pocket. This disgraceful act was the trigger for the largest political protests the country had seen for over a decade. Eventually the government caved in and left the compo schemes of the emergency services as they were, but only after being booed and heckled out of parliament by uniformed police.

However the rest of us have to live with the barbaric changes that were designed to save a fortune for the insurance companies whose lobbyists made up the Liberal Party State Executive at the time, while the public were hung out to dry.

The government now headed by Baird also thought it wise to close down fire stations during one of the hottest summers on record. This led to pandemonium when the fires arrived with a vengeance with fire crews forced to cover for other stations that had been put offline by the government. This daft idea was supposed to save a few quid on overtime, but ultimately failed, although insurance companies once again came up trumps with a new fire-levy that made the public pay extra on their insurance so insurance companies wouldn’t be burdened by the extra damage costs resulting from less emergency services personnel.

Sorry about your home, but Baird's govt didn't want to have to pay firefighters overtime... Image - SBS

Sorry about your home, but Baird’s govt didn’t want to have to pay firefighters overtime…
Image – SBS

“The Baird Team” is also the government responsible for creating news worldwide when they left disabled children stranded by the side of the road waiting for buses that would never come. To transport the disabled children to school some were allegedly bundled into the back of vans and station wagons on plastic chairs, something I would suspect violates many traffic laws and would see us publicly shamed on TV and then heavily fined if we were to do it. All in a day’s work for the Baird Team however.

Is this what Mike refers to as “Keeping NSW Working”?

Today we read in the papers about how Baird shed a tear when talking about the homeless and troubled youth at a Christian Lobby election forum. Awww

Well pardon me, isn’t this the same Premier who has slashed funding on both homeless and women’s shelters?

Baird is depriving victims of support and emergency housing

Baird is depriving victims of support and emergency housing

Mike Baird has forced many women and children living in abusive homes to make the choice between homelessness or risking theirs and their children’s safety by remaining with their abuser. Mike Baird has personally taken away their lifeline, so it is both appalling and sickening to see the desperate crocodile tear act on this issue in particular from a Premier who has sought to save a few quid at the expense of some desperate people seeking assistance.

There are too many bad decisions and blunders to fit in one piece, however the big issue facing Baird now is how much damage Tony Abbott will do him.

There are those who say that Baird and Abbott are two separate people with different ideas.

That may be but it is worth remembering this also. Baird and Abbott come from the same political party, the same state, the same city, and the same electorate, they even shared the same questionable fundraising group, The Waringah Club, which now calls itself the Small Business Club.

They are peas from the same pod. They share the same twisted ideology that we currently see being promoted by the Federal Coalition government.

Mike Baird just does it all flashing the pearly whites.

Don’t be fooled, they still leave a nasty bite.


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10 thoughts on “Bad To The Bone – What lies behind the charm of Mike Baird

  1. You have expressed it comprehensively and precisely, Peter. It will be a sad day for NSW if we vote for the big smile against the realities of the values and policies its owner supports. If we get that unfortunate outcome, it will be a result of the depravity of Obeid and his mates.

  2. there has been no mention of the destruction of a world renowned VET provider in TAFE. TAFE has provided second chance education to those disengaged by the under resourced public school system and to apprentices. TAFE changes lives but LNP now handing out millions to shonky providers and taking money out of TAFE system. TAFE has become a business and can no longer boast the enormous community and society benefits that have endured for the last 30 years. Baird and his cronies are out to dismantle TAFE and hand a fortune to his buddies offering private education. SHAME

  3. I signed a petition a while back. It was left by a girl who was pack raped. She was denied funding for counseling by the Baird gov who she said seemed to be just walking away. Then be have the elders thrown out of their nursing home, did they have anywhere to go? What about a private one like the ones Bupa are buying? Only costs 2-3 times as much.

  4. There are no good guys in any political party, just corrupt vote getters all controlled by the same people who control the western world….. we are heading back in time! watch this and tell me I am wrong, and why not one word has been bought up about it…… oh but grey hounds yes?


  6. You a filthy low scoundrel & we can’t wait to kick you out of Parliment…

  7. Baird is a disciple of some nutter religious school in Canada that teaches its silver-spooned sprogs of tax evading parents to be “dangerous” – true.

    His father Bruce, former member of the corrupt Nick Greiner’s Liberal government, is, post retirement, a political lobbyist. Ain’t that just handy?

    His sister Julia is now working for “their” ABC – you know the one, now run by an ex Murdoch hack appointed by fellow ex merchant banker Talkshit.

    He’s sold revenue generating public assets to his shonky mates, including, but not limited to, ports, ferries, power stations, Transgrid, and now has is sights on the electricity distribution networks of Ausgrid and Essential and, best of all, now HOSPITALS.

    It should be noted that the scum would have sold Ausgrid to the Chinese GOVERMENT except. quite surprisingly, Federal Treasurer Scumo, decided it wasn’t a good idea to sell vital infrastructure to our main ally’s (US) greatest foe. Though he did manage to sell Transgrid and some power stations to the Chinese.

    Now “”Nice Mike” is going to save all the little puppy greyhounds by banning greyhound racing in NSW – safe to assume there’ll be a lot of inter state immigration by trainers coming up. He’s latest appeasement brain fart is to pay trainers $1500 per dog as compensation – get them bitches on heat, there’s money to be made!!

    And what then will happen to the redundant Wentworth Park in Sydney Mike? That lazy 10 hectares in central Sydney. What’s that, you’ll flog it off to one of your developer mates.???? (How much cut do get? More than what you got from the graft selling TAFE sites, land on the closed Newcastle rail line, or from Goldman Sachs, Baker McKenzie and the other “consultants’ you love using for scoping studies pre-privatisation of public assets).

    Failed human being. Go back to being a merchant banker!

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